Artist’s Statement - Bio

Whilst I have dabbled in art throughout my life, I have only just completed my first formal art course recently. This was a certificate IV in Visual Arts at Charles Darwin Uni here in Alice Springs.

I have had art exhibited in 4 exhibitions in Alice – 2 solo and 2 with others. I enjoy the experience, from compiling a body of work to displaying them. I would like at some stage to look interstate for venues.

With any art, be it written or visual, the intent is to elicit a response from the audience. It is about people feeling the art not just viewing it. This exhibition is about having fun with art.

This is my first excursion into using oils and I wanted to have a project that would give me experience in using them. I have up until now done mostly landscapes. So I chose a different genre so I could play with it. I chose chooks as my subject because a lot of people appreciate their quirkiness and attitude. I wanted to try to capture this in my paintings.

I have the good fortune to live in Alice and have access to a lot of Aboriginal art. I am very inspired by the work of local Aboriginal artists in Central Australia. They ‘sing’ their work – infuse it with their lore and wisdom. I can feel the life and spirit in their works. I would very much like to emulate that in my own way.

I feel a deep connection to landscapes and country. To me, it is alive. I would like to awaken that experience in others with my work. I feel I can do this with colour to accentuate the landscape and it features. I am drawn to impressionist and abstract techniques to a degree. I feel this gives me the scope to explore ways of conveying the spirit of the land.

Magaer Lennox

August 2022