You can learn a lot from a camel. Especially about space. Camels can teach you to increase the moments of consciousness you experience per second, so you can see in slow motion. Then you can see the space between here and there, now, and then, closeness and remoteness. The space between you and a large animal, the space between the desert and town, the space between you and your loved ones. The space between one way of life and another; between comfort and survival; between stillness and locomotion. The space between thoughts. The space between steps. The space between the dunes. The space between the sand and the stars.

For Ilse, literally and metaphorically, 2020 marks a decade of journeys into the ‘interior’, with camels as a lifeline. Ilse is a cameleer and ecologist for Australian Desert Expeditions, walking in Wangkangurru Yarluyandi country / the Simpson Desert annually. During a global pandemic, where a physical journey has not been possible, she navigates her way through memory, dreams, and field notes to return to the space between. These are her expedition journals.

Ilse Pickle is a multi-disciplinary artist, currently residing in Alice Springs, N.T. Her primary disciplines are dance and visual art. Since 2010 her visual arts practice has been significantly inspired by her work as a cameleer on Wangkangurru Yarluyandi country and guides her through the re-adjustment to life upon return from trek. She primarily works in oils.

Instagram: ilse_pickle

OPENING Thursday 6th August, 6pm