The heritage-listed Pitchi Richi Sanctuary, located approximately 4km south of the Town Centre on Palm Circuit, was established in the early 1950s by Leo Corbet, who is considered by many as one of central Australia’s earliest conservationists.

Built as the town’s first man-made tourist attraction, the sanctuary was listed as one of The Centre’s four “must-see” attractions during the 1960s.

It still holds very fond memories for the many Australians who first visited the place in the 1970s whilst on popular interstate school trips.

The sanctuary boasts over twenty William Ricketts sculptures, set amongst the native “bush” garden, and represents the largest known collection outside of Ricketts’ own Sanctuary in the Dandenongs, Victoria. 

Today, the place is managed by Heritage Alice Springs Inc., and is occasionally open for special public events and is also made available to groups by appointment only.

Currently restoration work is on hold because the Committee has made a decision not to work on Chapman House until asbestos has been removed. Research into grants for this is underway. 

Restoration work to date has been made possible mainly through the NT Government’s Heritage Grants program and generous donations from local businesses.

Fundraising for Pitchi Richi has enabled us to commission a landscape plan. Our priority is to re-open the William Ricketts Sculpture Garden at the Southern end of the property. .     

For enquiries, contact the office of Heritage Alice Springs.