Caretaker update🌲🏠🌲 October is a lovely time at Pitchi Richi and especially so with the busy work of the Caper White Butterfly (Belenois java) decorating the garden. This butterfly is a close friend of the Wild Passionfruit (Capparis spinosa var. nummularia) and the larvae feed upon the leaves in a voracious manner. The ants of Pitchi Richi also thoroughly enjoy the Wild Passionfruit as they eat the the fruit and expose the seed which in turn is distributed by wind and avian friends🐜🌺🦋 The heating of October has turned up the attention given to rubbish collection in and around the Pitchi Richi property. It has been observed how quickly the harsh sun turns a single plastic item into a million small bits of plastic. I have observed that a pie bag disintegrates the quickest but that straws, bottles and bags need to be collected quickly before the job is a million times bigger🥤🥡🥤 The spring has also placed extra energy into the resident bird population. There is a hub of reproduction happen with Black Kite (Milvus migrants), Torresian Crow (Corvus orru) and Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) all nesting within a 10 square metres of each other. The willie wagtail being the main muscle in the area and is not shy of relentlessly chasing off the crow despite the significant size disparity. The willie wagtail couple is in its fifth year of nesting in the same Frangipani tree. Last year there was three fledgling and looking forward to see what happens this year. If I can improve my bird photography hopefully I can give an update in the next post🐥📸🦅 If you are interested in hearing about updates and plans for Pitchi Richi, please get in touch at heritagealicesprings@telstra.com. Alternatively keep an eye out on the community calendar for upcoming events. Kele mwerre🌸🌞🌷 #mparntwe #heritagealicesprings