Some garden thoughts from Pitchi Richi🌿🐛🦋🌱 The second round of rain has helped the ayepe (sticky tar-vine) re-sprout making more food for any remaining ayepe-arenye (white-lined hawk moth Hyles livornicoidesin) in the garden. The arretyaletyale (spiny-cheeked honeyeaters, Acanthagenys rufogularis)and alpwertekalpwerte (butcher birds, Cracticus nigrogularis) are visiting in force, and the artapwe-artapwe (black kite, Milvus migrans)it squeezing in a second round of breeding in six months.

The rain also means the ground has softened up easing the muscle mass required for buffle (Cenchrus ciliaris )removal. Some sections of buffle have not re-sprouted due to the extended dry. This has given the alyawe (purslane, Portulaca oleracea), ayepe and lyeke (bindi-eye,Tribulus eichlerianus s.lat galore a chance to re-establish. The ntyemenye (ruby salt bush, Enchylaena tomentosa var. tomentosa) generally has enjoyed the rain, washing off two summers worth of dust and the bright ruby fruits delight the gardener and ring neck parrots alike, an abundance of fruit in a wide variety of yellow, pink and reds.

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